V+15 Company


Alina: Sarita Plowman

Vincent: Gianbruno Spena

Voice: Robert Heard

Creative Team

Written by Jo Sutherland

Director: Sara Reimers

Set & Costume Designer: Jack Sheehan

Lighting Designer: Perttu Lähdesmäki

Sound Design: Neil McKeown

Dramaturg: Heather Ward

Fight Director: John Sandeman

Produced by Nevertheless Theatre Company

"Sutherland's writing is philosophical, political and faced-paced with twists and turns at every corner." The Play's The Thing

"I enjoyed the intensity of the two actors [...] their relationship was powerfully and clearly developed." The Stars Shine Still

"The play is directed with conviction and flair by Sara Reimers." Lou Reviews

"The sound design and the lighting (Neil McKeown, Perttu Lähdesmäki) add to the eerie feel of the play, and make the dramatic twists of the show all the more frighening!" Within Her Words

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